1.You must submit an official email to request for cancellation of program. You will receive an email confirmation within 14 business working days after acceptance of your submission.

2.Cancellations received within the 5 working days from date of payment are allowed.

3.Cancellations exceeding this 5 working days cooling-off period will not be entertained and all deposits paid will be forfeited.

4. All cancellations must be in email to us.

5.This Seminar Package is only valid for 4 months as of date signed-up & it is non-transferable to another person. Any delay of fulfilling all Programs related within 6 months, an extension not fee of 75% will be imposed. Upon confirmation if registration but failed to attend, a no-show fee of 25% will be incurred as well. All penalties will be charged automatically form your credit card details indicated as per registration form.